Instagram and Facebook Losing Users. Coincidence?

Instagram and Facebook Losing Users

New stats have emerged showing that Instagram have lost almost half of it’s user base since announcing a change in their user agreement. Mark Zuckerberg and co are aspiring to profit from their user’s photographs by allowing advertisers to use them for marketing purposes. Needless to say, this prompted widespread backlash which now resulted in Instagram taking a heavy hit on it’s user base.

Meanwhile, Social Media marketing firm Socialbakers have released reports indicating that Facebook saw a drop in it’s user base by a total of 600,000. Is there a correlation between the decline of users from each platform?

Facebook and Instagram losing users

It’s no secret that Facebook have bought out Instagram and that Mark Zuckerberg is now in control of both firms. So is it likely that the backlash on Instagram has had a direct effect on Facebook? It may be a mere coincidence that Facebook loses users during the same time where there is a revolt against Instagram.

However, there may be a possibility that Facebook users are tired of it’s shady practices and that the Instagram fiasco was deemed as a last straw. Maybe the 600,000 loss of  Facebook users is caused due to the boycott of Instagram.

600,000 users is pretty much less than 1% of Facebook’s user base. It is also a small amount compared to the user base drop of Instagram which is a reported 7 million ~. This may not be ringing alarm bells but it could serve as a warning to the higher ups if the loss of Facebook users is linked to the Instagram fiasco.

Open and Free Internet

The year of 2012 saw the Internet uniting like never before. Governments and large corporations had tried to influence a level of control over the internet. Acts such as SOPA and PIPA prompted widespread backlash and the internet successfully fought off any threat that would risk the freedom of the internet.

The Instagram fiasco may not be directly threatening the free internet. However if it’s shady practices are successful, it could influence other social media firms to do the same. This could have a negative domino effect as users may completely deter away from using social media platforms. This would be a shame as social media has become a very important player for the Internet.


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