Social Media Criticism: Why is Social Media Criticized?

Social Media Criticism

Social Media, one of the hottest talking points on the Internet. It is a phenomenon that has taken the online world by storm. It has established itself as a leading form of new media. Generally everyone uses it or is linked to it in some way or form. If you don’t care for Social Media, you may be linked to it through the company you work for as most businesses aim to have an online presence. But is it all good? Could there be some major but less obvious drawbacks? Let’s talk Social Media Criticism.

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HTC One Max to rival the Samsung Galaxy Note

HTC One Max

The folks over at ePrice have supplied the internet with leaked pictures of the upcoming HTC One Max. The large screen and upgraded internals is set to be aimed at smartphone users who enjoy the ‘phablet’ experience. The HTC One Max will be a direct rival to Samsung’s very successful Galaxy Note range.

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Digital Distribution: Should you own your digital purchases?

Digital Distribution

We live in an era where almost all types of media are distributing digitally, with many digital distribution services having pushed old business models out of the market. Services such as iTunes and Steam are both digital based and offer content instantly. But do you actually “own” what you pay for?

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How to Track Down a Stolen Macbook


People use their MacBooks for a variety of reasons, but a lot of professionals, in particular, invest in MacBooks because they are so lightweight, sleek, and powerful. You can really do anything on a MacBook that you can do on any other laptop, but you can also do so much more, thanks to Apple’s innovative technology that allows creative individuals to really let their projects come to life.

If you have invested in a MacBook, you know just how expensive these computers are, so you want to do your very best to protect your investment. In addition to purchasing a great insurance plan to cover damages, loss, and theft of your MacBook, you should also know how to track it down in the event that it is stolen. Continue reading for some great tips. Just remember that you need to implement a lot of these methods of tracking your computer before it is stolen. Continue reading →

Will Blackberry Messenger on Android and iOS be successful?

Blackberry Messenger

New reports have emerged stating that the highly anticipated Blackberry Messenger App is scheduled for release at the end of August. These rumors may have some level of accuracy as Blackberry have released a beta version of the App. Currently, the only way to experience the app is to receive a personal invitation directly from Blackberry.

A wider beta test is apparently planned in the near future, but for now only a small number of people will be able to get their hands on the Blackberry Messenger App for the Android and iOS platforms.  Continue reading →

Has Digital Media made us lazy?

Digital Media

It is a question commonly asked and one that you may very well want to ask yourself. The recent technological advances and social media revolutions have brought us a plethora of new features and innovations that make our lives much easier. But at what expense?

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